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CoAnn nanoLC Columns

New at MS Wil: CoAnn NanoLC Columns

CoAnn is a new provider of nanoLC and microLC columns, who has developped a wide array of columns for a very wide range of nanoLC applications. Therefore MS Wil is happy to start the supply of columns of CoAnn to the European market.

Columns are available in many varieties, sizes, with and also without connectors. In order to find the right ones for you, please contact us for more information.

Available for many key applications, for example:

  • Single Cell Proteomics Ultra-Sensitive NanoLC Columns
  • Top-Down Proteomics High-Resolution NanoLC Columns
  • Bottom-Up Proteomics High-Quality NanoLC Columns
  • Middle-Down Proteomics High-Efficiency NanoLC Columns
  • Phosphoproteomics Sensitive NanoLC Columns
  • Peptide and Protein Fractionation Columns
  • Metabolite Separation Columns
  • MicroSPE and ESI Emitters

Below you find a poster diplaying the power of CoAnn columns:

For more information about the different columns that CoAnn offers, see their website: www.coanntech.com.

For more information on CoAnn Technologies, click here.