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OpenChrom® is a FREE & VENDOR NEUTRAL open source software for chromatography and mass spectrometry post processing

 MSWil MS libraries had successfully been implemented into Openchrom®


  • OpenChrom® imports binary and textual chromatographic data files, such as *.D chromatograms from Agilent Technologies or NetCDF.
  • OpenChrom® features a nice graphical user interface and is available for various operating systems, e.g. Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X.
  • It comes with a basis set of methods to detect baselines, peaks and to integrate peaks in a chromatogram.
  • Preprocessing steps, e.g. to remove certain mass fragments (m/z) such as nitrogen (28) or water (18)
  • OpenChrom® is open source and uses a flexible approach, which allows others to implement their own methods, algorithms, filters, detectors or integrators.
  • OpenChrom® is an efficiently system to process chromatographic and mass spectrometric data using an extensible and flexible plugin approach.
  • OpenChrom® is distributed under the Eclipse Public License 1.0 (EPL).

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