2nd hand NanoSpray Sources

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  • [November 2018]  Welcome the Dutch ! - MS Wil  B.V. Netherlands  founded  by Marie-Louise & Erik Verschuuren http://mswil.com/about-ms-wil

 Erik Marie-Louise

  • [April 8-13, 2018]  meet MS Wil  at the 10th  "Isolated Biomolecules Biomolecular Interactions"  group “IBBI2018”  in Texel, NL https://ibbi2018.org/

  • [3. Febr 2017] MS WIL // University Gent 3rd Phoenix S&T Pneu Source installed on Thermo Q-ExactivePneu Nimbus as it goes to Gent University


  • [April 17-19, 2016]  meet MS Wil  at the 3rd NVMS-BSMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, to be held from in the beautiful Abbey of Rolduc in Kerkrade  www.nvms.nl

  • [October 29&30, 2015] meet MS Wil at the Swiss mass spectrometry meeting in Beatenberg www.sgms.ch

  • [Sep 18 2015] meet MS WIL at the BSMS 2015 annual meeting in Brussels at VUB, Friday September 18  http://www.bsms.be/

  •  [30 - 31. Oct 2014] MS WIL attended the 32nd SGMS meeting www.sgms.ch

  •  [29. July 2014] NIST 2014 library made it to the MS WIL warehouse

  •  [15 - 19 June 2014] MS Wil attended ASMS2014, in Baltimore, MD, USA.

  • [02 - 05. March 2014] MS Wil attended DGMS 2014 in Frankfurt /Main
    Get me tha DGMS talk about Multiplex Ionsources

DGMS Oral Session XI: Instrumentelle Analytik II

 Breaking the NanoLC-MS Throughput Barrier [PDF]