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Scientific Instrument Services (S.I.S) got a new catalog. [PDF]

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Scientific Instrument Services (S.I.S) provides the most complete service and product line for mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs and related equipment. S.I.S. also manufacturers instrument parts for scientific instrument companies.

S.I.S specialty are filaments for mass spectrometers, x-ray equipment and other instruments utilizing a filament heater or emission wire.  A growing part of our business is OEM manufacturing. 

S.I.S web shop features:

over 2000 pages online

Don`t hesitate and contact us for information about repairs and S.I.S.`s OEM program. Pick your product of interest from the SIS webshop - MSWiL quotes you in your local currency and takes care of the transatlantic flow of commodity.


Catalog sections cover:

S.I.S. catalog features