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Single Column ηSource: easy handling and upgradeable to Pneu Nimbus !

It`s time to rethink your NanoLC source design

A magnetic column rail of up to 30 cms is designed pick up high the voltage anywhere you like. This rail design is ideal for those packing columns on their own, as magnetic HV is picked up where needed - enabling minimum transfer volumes of the system.
Nimbus is upgradeable to Pneu NIMBUS !
Further, the rail can be removed easily without tools for easy column installation on your bench.

Optional, a second camera can be mounted for horizontal and vertical spray visualisation

So you can benefit in a way no OEM source on the market offers - plus the productivity you often miss in NanoLC work flows.

Nimbus is highly effective for biological sample matrix analyses , e.g. proteomics, metabolomics, biomarker discovery and method development
Take a look how it looks like: guide me to the pictures

 Phoenix Nimbus

   above:  PST Nimbus source for Thermo Fusion mass spectrometer