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New Objective Picoslide eliminates the throughput gap in NanoLC

The Picoslide source solution features:

  • stage automation
  • multi-channel operation
  • thermal control


How it works

Ease of use has been realized through the incorporation of an integrated nanobore LC-MS consumable (PicoChip®), on which over 400 replicate injections were collected with no loss of chromatographic performance. A four channel, three column version of the source (The PicoSlide™) enables an MS-duty cycle-time of 95%, compared to 40% for a single channel system.

How Picoslide works


Gradient elution has 3 zones:  Injection - Elution - Wash & Equilibrate

segments on a LC run


segmented aquisition


 get me the ASMS poster on PicoslideASMS poster on picoslide [PDF] 

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