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Coming soon with 25cm column length - embedded column heater




NEW - 25cm Long Columnschip at hand
ASMS14 Poster.pdf

  • Analyze complex samples
  • More protein IDs
  • Discover more biomarkers

NEW - Thermal Control

Standard PicoChip and PicoChip 2 have all of the power and performance you've come to expect!

Easy-to-use PicoChip columns are pre optimized for exact positioning from chip to chip-right out of the box.

Factory installed, tested, and verified, each PicoChip contains a fresh voltage connection to ensure optimal liquid-junction-style voltage contact without leaks or particulates created by an overused union.

Tip Size
Each PicoChip has the integral high-performance, reliable PicoFrit® column at it's core, producing sharp peaks and optimal chromatography.

Flow Rate
Low flow = high sensitivity. Need a specific flow rate? PicoChip columns can be ordered to your specification with column IDs ranging from 50-150µm and corresponding tip sizes from 5-30µm. But customization doesn't stop there. PicoChips can be custom ordered with any of our in-house chromatography media, too.


Pick the latest update of the PicoChip Column Care &Use Manual manual [PDF]

Picochip Column care and use manual