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ProNET LIVE!  For Cell lysis, IPs, protein assays. Catch ‘em All, Catch ‘em LIVE!

ProNET LIVE!  contains reagents commonly used for protein purification at a specific molar ratio, giving ProNET LIVE!  unique benefits:Catchemall

-> High protein recoveries like a strong reducing detergent (SDS or urea)

-> Retains an unmatched level of native protein activity!

ProNET LIVE!  is designed to be used as a direct replacement for other detergents like NP-40, SDS or urea in common protein purification and characterization protocols including cell lysis, IP’s, protein digestions and more. The buffer is ready to use as is or in combination with other reagents common in protein characterization and production protocols.

Typical detergent removal processes such as chloroform:methanol precipitation can be efficiently employed.

ProNET LIVE!  is a mixture of less than 1% each of a pluronic non-ionic surfactant and non-ionic detergent in isotonic PBS or TBS, sterilePronetBottles filtered and distributed in 100ml bottles. ProNET LIVE!  is non-toxic, non-flammable.

100 ml Bottles - Store at 4oC. - Anticipated stability 1 year

Not for medical use, research purposes only.

Pick the MSDS for PBS buffer [PDF] or TBS buffer [TBS]

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ProNet Buffer


Product flyer: [PDF]